by Mr Richard

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Music & lyrics by Mr Richard
Recorded at No Pussy Blues Studio, Groningen by Erik Hulshof & Taco Veltman
Mixed by Taco Veltman

Order the EP on compact disc for 5 euro (excluding shipping costs) by sending an email to info@mrrichard.nl


released April 2, 2013

Mr Richard is a four piece acoustic band fromThe Netherlands. The band is situated around the vocals and songs of brother and sister Geertje and Teake Damstra; supported by Anne de Vries on double bass and backing vocals, and Peter Kuipers on various instruments.

Take whatever stage you can get! After two years of writing, learning, playing and rewriting Mr Richard decided that the best way to learn the works is to simply jump in. A strong variety of stages taught Mr Richard that the audience attention does not come for free. Mr Richards’ no bullshit acoustic music is highly personal and not easy to ignore. In exchange to sing their hearts out they almost demand their audience’s full attention. Something they became quite known for, and frankly, quite good at in these past couple of years.

In the fall of 2011 Mr Richard recorded a DEMO to give away for free at gigs and on their website. At the end of 2012 Mr Richard recorded their first official EP: 'Lost'. Lost is released at april 2nd 2013.

Upcoming shows:

Past shows:
29-09 | 16:30 Mezzcafe, Breda
14-09 | 18:00 Fryskbloed 2013, Schouwburg De Lawei, Drachten
16-08 | 22:30 Wishfulmusic, Noorderzon, Groningen
16-08 | 17:00 Podium op Zuid, Noorderzon Performing Arts Festival
22-06 | 21:30 Cafe Retro, København (DK)
21-06 | 21:00 Livingroom concert, København (DK)
20-06 | 21:00 Gondi, Bremen (GER)
02-06 | 15:00 Pekelpop, Pekela
05-05 | 14:30 Oog radio, Groningen
05-05 | 13:00 Bevrijdingsfestival, Groningen
26-04 | 13:00 Omrop Fryslan, Leeuwarden
23-03 | 20:10 Melodica Festival Cologne, Koln (GER)
17-03 | 14:30 Oude Remise, Bad Nieuweschans
14-03 | 21:00 Dolhuis (with Town of Saints), Dordrecht
23-02 | 21:00 Cafe De Deurre, Stadskanaal
08-02 | 21:30 Huiskamerconcert, Utrecht
07-02 | 21:30 Little Devil, Tilburg
22-01 | 21:00 O'Ceallaigh, Groningen
12-01 | 17:45 Chordify.net Startup, Oude Graansilo, Groningen
11-01 | 21:45 Lokaal Ambrosius, Groningen
11-01 | 16:00 Koffiestation, Groningen
10-01 | 21:00 Buckshot, Eurosonic/Grunnsonic, Groningen
10-01 | 17:00 Energy Stage, Eurosonic, Groningen
06-01 | 20:00 Oude RKZ (with Town of Saints), Groningen

14-12 | 21:15 WinterWelVaart, Groningen
14-12 | 17:00 Opening WinterWelVaart, Groningen
28-11 | 21:30 Cul de Sac, Tilburg
25-11 | 22:00 Melodica Festival, Hamburg (GER)
20-11 | 20:30 De Bres, Groningen
04-11 | 19:00 Melodica Festival, Groningen
19-10 | 21:00 Groningsch Peil, Muziekschool, Groningen
14-10 | 19:30 Huiskamerconcert, Groningen
12-10 | 20:30 Simplon (support act for AlascA), Groningen
29-09 | 22:00 Bull's Eye, Assen
15-09 | 21:00 Huiskamerconcert, Amsterdam
31-08 | 18:30 Silo Sessions, Groningen
20-08 | 16:00 Noorderzon, Groningen
10-08 | 20:30 Willekleurig festival, Groningen
21-07 | 20:00 Roodehaan Live, Warfhuizen
22-06 | 20:30 Kroeg van Klaas, Groningen
28-05 | 14:00 Picknick in het Plantsoen, Groningen
26-05 | 17:30 Tuinconcert, Groningen
18-05 | 19:00 Huiskamerconcert, Leeuwarden
24-03 | 23:00 Vera Downstage, Groningen
16-03 | 19:00 Radio Westerkwartier, Marum
02-03 | 22:00 O'Ceallaigh, Groningen
02-03 | 17:00 Oogforum, Groningen

27-11 | 17:00 O'Ceallaigh, Groningen
28-10 | 22:00 Groningsch Peil, Groningen
01-10 | 20:30 Huiskamerconcert, Amsterdam
01-10 | 15:00 B(r)ouwerij, Nieuwegein
08-09 | 22:00 Kroeg van Klaas, Groningen
20-08 | 22:00 Noorderzon Downtown, Groningen
22-07 | 21:00 Willekleurig festival, Groningen
30-06 | 20:30 Huiskamerconcert, Saaxumhuizen
31-05 | 21:00 Cafe Koster (besloten), Groningen
26-05 | 21:00 Simplon, Groningen
28-04 | 20:30 Huiskamerconcert, Groningen
25-03 | 22:00 Fifteen Minutes, Spieghel, Groningen
20-01 | 21:00 Songs & Whispers, Groningen
08-01 | 21:30 Hopskotch, Groningen

Bookings: info@mrrichard.nl



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Mr Richard Groningen, Netherlands

Mr Richard is:
Geertje Damstra | vocals, percussion
Teake Damstra | vocals, guitar, stompin' bass
Anne de Vries | backing vocals, double bass
Peter Kuipers | (electric) guitar, mandolin, bouzouki

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Track Name: Get Lost
Let go camping. You get the bags then I’ll fuel up,
the car and we’ll get, as far away as can from this place where we seem to have lost all love for each other.
We’ll manage. Like back in the days, where nothing, did matter cause we were, always together wherever we went . The days where long and the night never ended.

I know its not our jobs or the luxury. I know we could make it just fine. I’ve red all about these modern relations, bout giving but defending what’s mine.
I’m just so sick and tired of failing at trying to get by alone. I just want to go and get lost, and want you to come.

This is not a sad place.
These should not be our lonely days.

If everything’s suppose to be self-made, born from disappointments that got turned around. Then I guess I’m one of those sad men that can’t seem to fit in and misses the days
where everything made more sense, just music and friends in a world of our own.
I just want to go and get lost, and I want you come.

This is not a sad place.
These should not be our lonely days.
Track Name: Last Song
Are you still smiling, Still holding out your hands
Are you still hoping, that soon this all will end
Are you still watching, how life passes you by
And do you cry

Do you sleep, without waking in the night
Do you walk, without people by your side
Do you love, yourself for who you are
For I do. For I do.

Do you think of me? Do you wonder what I’m doing
Do you ever dream that we, will one day be together

I still run, away from my head
I never sleep, on your side of the bed
And I know, that all this has to end
But I’m scared. Yes I am scared

All the best songs, are still the sad ones
And my sad songs, are all about you
For the both of us I have to let go,
This is the last song I’ll write about you.
This is the last song I’ll write about..

Do you think of me? Do you wonder where I’m going
Do you ever dream that we, will one day be together
And can you be free, are you happier without me
And are we not meant to be. This has to end, this has to end

This is the last song that I write about you
This is the last song that I write about you
This is the last song that I write about you
This is the last song that I sing for you
Track Name: What's Happening
Lyrics by Geertje Damstra
Music by Mr Richard
Recorded at No Pussy Blues Studio, Groningen by Erik Hulshof & Taco Veltman
Mixed by Taco Veltman